I AM LOVE by Nina Antinora

What do we do when we’re hurt or extremely disappointed?

Sometimes we have a tendency to give in to that knee jerk reaction- to spew the anger (actually rooted in hurt) back to the person who has beaten down our hearts. But, if we take a moment to: STOP. ZOOM OUT. REFOCUS. We may see that this reaction will not change what happened. Nor will it foster positivity or personal growth and it surely won’t allow us to tap into the bigger picture-which is what I choose to remind myself of today. Today, what seemed to be like any other day…

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Power of Patience_Trust the Process_by_NinaAntinora

To speed, or not to speed…that is the question.

In a recent BLOG I touched upon the importance of patience and trusting the process. I discussed how sometimes we have the desire to fast forward to the destination. But really, the beauty is in the exploration and the unknown, in the waiting period...to have patience. To pause or even live in the moment and just BE does not mean to simply stop or be cavalier. Rather, it’s about learning how to Stop – Zoom Out – Refocus –

Change Your Perspective & Trust The Process: I’d like to delve a bit deeper here and provide more clarity and perspective that will help you to change your mindset and simply enjoy the NOW a bit more. It all starts with our awareness, our intentions, our (own) trust level, and our thought process.

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To Mom, with Love + Gratitude.

Monday Morning- 9/11/17

As I wake to view of the famous Toronto CN tower from my hotel room window, I gaze up to the sky and think of her. I think back to 15 years ago. How can it be 15 years already? So much has happened since then without her here. Ah, 15 years ago- back when my heart was shattered into a billion pieces.

Not knowing where I would be all this time later, or who I would become without her, I reflect on who she was to me. And, who she continues to be for me.  I think about what’s yet to come here on this earth without her. Every day I think of her. I miss her. I love her...

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Universal Loop.

It’s funny how the universe works, right? I talk and write a lot about the power of intention and how our thoughts really do help fuel our outcome each day. I love to discuss the importance of our intentions in relation to where our thoughts go, energy flows. And, how our mindset can certainly change the trajectory of our day or situation. It’s even in those moments…those silent moments where our thoughts meander so often that we find ourselves thinking about all sorts of things and sometimes not even related to our current situation or path. Or is it all related? I think it actually may be. Wait, I know it is! And for me, right now in this moment it’s rooted in Love.

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Fear Is Just An Illusion: Live a More Joyful Life

FEAR. This word means something different to everyone.

When this monster decides to rear its ugly head, some people may go into complete and utter shutdown, a paralyzed state or denial. Others may lash out in anger or judgment and even physical illness can occur. So, I ask the question(s)- Is Fear just an illusion? And, how the heck do we really ‘smash through our walls of fear’ and live a more joyful and gratifying life?

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