Transform Your Vision Into Reality: 6 Steps to Fulfillment


These buzz words have been bombarding social media, global ad campaigns, and practically everywhere these days. Yet, do we really have a true understanding of the 'intention' behind intentions and manifestations? Is there a key formula or method in creating the perfect Intention? Well, I can tell you that your mantra or vision for your future must come from a deep place of gentleness and rawness within you. Your intentions are tied to your authentic lifeline and your soul’s greater purpose. So, how do you apply overarching principles or formulas to something that is so personal to each and every one of us?

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Is the Path Falling Short Really an Opportunity?

Our path. 

Sometimes the methodical stones in which we lay and the path we worked so hard to build will run out or fall apart. It is so important that we see that this is NOT a bad thing or a STOP completely. In fact, it is in these very moments that we need to take a step back and perhaps let go of what we have been holding so tight so we can make room for something even better for our future. Sometimes we even have to release the vision of the road we created in our head of what our correct path/experience is supposed to look like and change our focus in order to change our outcome.

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I am beyond thankful. Not only this week where we are all (hopefully) reflecting and giving thanks, but Every. Single. Day. Even for those days that at the time seemed so unbearable and oh so heart wrenching, but in actuality were happening for a magnificent purpose. Well magnificent, after finally realizing it was all in fact, temporary and a reason for everything unfolding. It took some time, self reflection and change in mindset, but I was eventually able to see that without the disappointments and endings from my past- without the love lost, broken plans, project delays, and missteps, I never would have ended up here. Right here- where I am so grateful to be.

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Change Starts with YOU!

As you know, I am all about CHANGE. However, you cannot change someone's thoughts or can only change the way YOU react or respond. I have been through this situation countless times and often wondered why does the same experience seem to arise over and over again. In the past, I wanted to change the other person- take control over the situation or perhaps “make them” see things the way I do. Keep in mind, I was coming from a good place, but I really wanted the situation to come to a resolution and I thought my only option was to change the other person’s opinion- wow, was I way off!

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As the leaves change and fall to the ground, we too have opportunities to shed layers within that may no longer serve our greater good. During this time, obstacles may appear and often the only way to move forward is- through.

Through…whatever may be holding us back- fear, self doubt, judgments, or actual physical impediments. Although difficult and sometimes seemingly unbearable, we must work through the pain in order to heal and release whatever is holding us back.

Obstacles = Opportunities. Hard concept to wrap our arms around- I get it! I truly view obstacles as opportunities. Well, this wasn’t always the case for me, as I would often find myself on a downward spiral- becoming so stuck in the disappointment or difficulty of the situation and wasn’t able to STOP and ZOOM OUT to see that this was actually a blessing.

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