Take a break from the daily bustle to focus on you! These special events and luxury retreats are designed to awaken your spirit, overcome blocks, and set clear goals to Reclaim your Life and achieve Freedom!

One-on-one conversations are at the foundation of the coaching process. But often support, validation and friendship are even more transformative forces – so I also offer special events and retreats that can will inspire you to be true to your authentic self.

Maybe you’re feeling derailed by all the distractions in your life. Maybe other people’s perceptions are getting in the way of your true self and self-love. Maybe you just need a kick-start to make a change. These retreats put the impositions of “reality” on hold so you can focus on what really matters to you. You’ll get perspective and plans to help you create the life you crave – and you’ll connect with other wonderful people who are also looking to follow their own currents.

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  • The Power of Patience

We all want to fast forward to the destination, but the beauty is in the exploration. Learn how to Stop – Zoom Out – Refocus.

  • #SayNoToTheJoneses

Too often we get consumed with trying to impress others that we lose sight of what is important to us. Learn to embrace your authentic self and define what happiness truly means to you.

  • Falling in Love…With YOU!

Sometimes, other people’s needs can distract us from what’s personally important. Be true to yourself and your spirit. Explore and embrace the importance of self-love, awareness and acceptance.

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