My professional career spans over two decades as an entrepreneur, award-winning executive producer, adult learning expert and life coach.

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Over the past 20 years, I seized the ability from my younger years as a peer leader and put to work leading massive production & creative teams for Fortune 500 companies around the world.  I graduated top of my class at Seton Hall University for Communication Studies and received awards both academically and professionally over the years.

I received my ICF-accredited life coach certification in 2015, and I continue to attend specialized programs to increase my skills and better my coaching practice and Change It Up Events. 

Having once felt stuck and unfulfilled in my own life, I set out to make a change… a shift in my mindset, perspective and awareness. I was able to ultimately uncover my authentic self, let go of negative beliefs and define the true meaning of happiness. It was a complete transformation: I started to be true to myself by identifying the blocks and perceptions I once thought defined me and was able to shine through and realize my greater purpose.

That purpose is what drives my passion today to help you CHANGE IT UP and Create The Life You Crave.™

Through my personal experience, self- mindfulness and development, coupled with my professional expertise, I launched this inspirational life-ful­fillment brand. I pull from my own personal journey to inspire and motivate you to change your mindset, go deep within to uncover your own authenticity and let go of what no longer serves your greater good. I provide simple principles and strategies to help you achieve your desired goals and in return experience more joy and happiness in your life. I specialize in assisting aspiring entrepreneurs take the next step to create their own business or brand. I also focus on helping you navigate your professional & personal relationships and fiercely passionate about helping you ‘dropkick’ fear in the face and embrace your authentic self!

I’ve witnessed such an outpour of positive results through my one-on-one coaching and intuitive path guidance, that I was inspired to create a larger footprint by sharing my best practices and tools in interactive programs. And, that’s how the CHANGE IT UP events realm was born! My events are the perfect blend of fun and excitement, along with deep, thought provoking educational content- all rooted from an authentic heart-space. However, the methodology isn’t everything. It’s my genuine passion, personal experience, and deep intuition that will help to inspire and motivate you to be (and maintain) your best self.

This is more of a calling than a job! I’m truly living the life I’ve craved since I was a child. And, firmly believe that you are never too old and it’s never too late to make a change! 

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  • "Nina Antinora is truly an inspiration! Not only does she encourage awareness, transformation, and personal evolution for others, but she's living it herself on a daily basis."

    Mara B, California
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