Make a Change

Once you're ready for a change, there's nothing you can't do!

How Can Life Coaching Change Your Life?

  • Thinking of changing your job or career?
  • Not satisfied in your current relationship?
  • Looking for more balance?
  • Considering a big move?
  • Feeling uninspired?

I am here to help you identify your blocks, embrace your authentic self and your purpose so you can approach your life without fear and ultimately feel more fulfilled. I offer a variety of session styles and types to fit your needs.


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Coaching Sessions

In these one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll work together to identify the change you want to make and the path to get you there.

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Ready to exercise while you gain life-changing insights, change in mindset, action plan best practices, along with “matters of the heart” strategies? If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, let’s head outdoors for a private life coaching session on the trails!


Change It Up with Nina Antinora's personal development programs evoke major attitude shifts, the clearing of blocks and fears, and as a result- provide an opportunity to get in touch with what truly makes your soul sing and create forward movement!

Stay tuned for CHANGE IT UP in the WORKPLACE! These workshops and online programs are currently in development.

Private Retreats

Take a break from the daily bustle to focus on you! These special events and retreats will inspire you to be true to your authentic self.

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