What change do you crave? In these one-on-one coaching sessions, we’ll work together to identify the change you want to make and the path to get you there.

In our initial session, we will explore and identity your current needs and discuss what you would like to accomplish in our work together. Yes, I did say work – but I assure you that this is going to be one of the greatest transformative experiences of your life. It takes “work” to face any change. The reward here is your personal awakening: a brighter, more purposeful you and a more fulfilling life.

During our follow-up sessions, we will take a deeper dive into your life goals and identify the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward. That starts with creating an action plan that’s best aligned with your needs and what’s most important to you. I will hold you accountable to these plans, while offering my guidance and motivation to keep you on track.

I know you’re busy and respect your time, so our sessions will fit into your lifestyle. As often as possible, I encourage that we meet in person – but based on your schedule, I also Skype or offer over-the-phone sessions.

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