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Ready to exercise while you gain life-changing insights, change in mindset, action plan best practices, along with “matters of the heart” strategies? If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, let’s head outdoors for a private life coaching session on the trails!


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What’s on your mind and what’s in your way? Let’s take a walk, where we can talk through what you need to conquer the blocks in your life and create your own path. We'll head outdoors and have several sessions out on the trail!

For the first 45 minutes of our session, we’ll explore the incredible landscape while we discuss where you are and what keeps you up at night. During the second half, we’ll sit down and map out where you’re headed. With each session, you’ll leave with a plan that you can put in place in your day-to-day life.

It can be a hike or a stroll. Either way, we’ll spend an hour together: reducing stress, talking about what keeps you up at night and savoring the indescribable beauty of Southern California. I love mixing outdoor adventures along with learning and growing!

It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the lecture hall, conference room or from behind a computer monitor and go outside!

Research (and my personal experiences) have shown that being outdoors—unplugging from our devices and connecting to nature – can decrease stress, increase productivity, open up our creativity, and allow ourselves the space to be vulnerable and in return true to ourselves to find solutions to what may holding us back.



Walking Workshops™

Connect with others who are also ready for a change with these collective, topic-specific TrailChats™ in the great outdoors.


Sometimes you need one-on-one connection. Other times… you may need to know that other people feel what you’re going through.

In these collective, topic-specific group versions of our popular TrailChats™, you’ll connect with other bright and beautiful people who are also ready for change. As we walk, you’ll speak your mind and get perspective… while you meet other people who may be in similar situations as you.

Here’s how it works: you let me know what you’re tackling in your life, whether it’s personal goals, a need to rethink relationships, a career move – anything that you’re looking to change. I’ll assemble a small group of 5-7 people and lead discussions on a specific topic as we walk through various Southern California landscapes. Together we’ll break through walls and develop collective solutions while inspiring each other. This is also an opportunity to make new like-minded friends and establish camaraderie beyond the session. This group is often compared to a “book club” type of gathering- we can meet monthly with the same people if you decide you like the connections and energy of that particular group.

Some of our most popular sessions:

1. I Am Love: Self-Care does NOT = Selfishness
2. De-Stress: A Mindfulness Approach to Less Anxiety & Worry
3. Dropkick Fear in the Face: Move Into Freedom!
4. Ditch the Guilt: Learn to Say No— and Set Healthy Boundaries!
5. Trust the Process: The True Power of Patience & Faith
6. Break Free from Victim Mentality & Dive Into Empowerment Mode!
7. Transform Your Vision Into Reality: 6 Steps to Fulfillment

**NEW! Check out my Meetup group for upcoming TrailChats™ & WalkingWorkshops™ in Los Angeles & Orange County!** CLICK HERE

Contact me for the latest schedule or if you’d like to suggest a specific topic for our next WalkingWorkshop™! Remember: It’s never too late and you are never too old to make a change!

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